Our Approach

“Empathy has no script.

There is no right way or wrong way to do it.

It’s simply listening, holding space,

withholding judgment,

emotionally connecting, and communicating

that incredibly healing message of


You’re not alone.’”


–  Brené Brown

Our Engagement is our Success Story

The Koru method of practice is established through relationship.

Our team of therapists and mentors are committed to supporting young people as they heal and begin to flourish.

When a young person is distressed due to trauma or ongoing harm, it can be incredibly difficult for them to engage with professionals, parents and carers.

““The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare

and beautiful of all.”

- Mulan

We work playfully and empathetically, using creative therapies to promote healing in mind and body.

As young people realise that they are unconditionally accepted, they can begin to trust and so enter more fully into the therapeutic process.

In the safe presence of a trusted therapist or mentor, children and young people are able to begin letting go of maladaptive coping strategies and discover inner resources of resilience and hope.

The relationship formed in therapy provides vital support that helps children bear the circumstances of their life.

As they learn what it means to be freely themselves in relationship with another they are able to engage effectively with others and their environment.