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A quick review of our referral process

• When a referral is received we assess the needs of the child and family.

• We assure a holistic process involving the family and the multi-disciplinary team

• A therapist or attachment informed mentor is specifically allocated to the client depending on their needs and referral.

• Our rapid referral system ensures a robust plan is put into place quickly- having a large team means we do not have a waiting list.

• Consent & safeguarding forms are signed by carers, confidentiality form by the child or young person or family.

• A contract of confidentiality is made with the child, young person or family

• The initial session – To build trust and help the young person feel contained and safe. The practitioner will have prepared different options of therapeutic activities for the young person to choose from depending on their assessment.

• We enable the child or young person / adult to feel relaxed to ease self-consciousness.

• Often this session is also used to help the young person understand that they have a safe space just for them, for respite and self-expression. Follow this link to find out the modalities we might use.

• We build a relationship with the child or young person / adult

• We hold space for them to be seen and heard working sensitively with the creative modality to reduce any fear or anxiety.

• Our mentors and therapists maintain contact with referrers, carers, and the multidisciplinary team in order to create holistic system of support.

• Our packages include a mid-therapy review and end of therapy report. helping our referrers, commissioners and the KORU therapist and mentors to assess the impact of our work, documenting outcomes and identify needs.